Who Is Corked Cowgirl?

Plain Ol’ Wine Advice… No Bull!
Inspired by her mother and friends whose only wine experience came out of the cheapest box of wine they could find, her goal is to prove that anyone and everyone CAN, and SHOULD enjoy a FINE wine…at GREAT VALUES! It doesn’t have to be expensive, nor stuffy, nor complicated…and she will prove it to the world, one wine drinker at a time, one tremendous bottle at a time. Whether you’re a wine pro, or a wine novice, you’re sure to find something to enjoy within her reviews. So pop a cork, pour a glass, kick your feet up, and get ready to enjoy a little company…cheers!
Certified Specialist of Wine with a five year background in wine education and distribution and a fifteen year background in commercial radio as an on-air talent. Video blogger and freelance writer combining wine education and entertainment. Available for private in-home, company, and themed parties featuring wines for every budget. Consultation services and educational seminars by request.

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