The Making of A Spanish Superstar: 2011 Gaznata Joven-Blending Project Pt. 1

30 Sep

Just a few days ago, I accepted the challenge of pairing foods and wines to find the ‘perfect fall flavors.’ One of the wines I mentioned is near and dear to my heart for many different reasons. It is the 2011 Gaznata Joven Garnacha made by genius winemaker Daniel Ramos at Don Juan de Aguila in the municipality of El Barraco, Spain. It is made with 100% Garnacha (you might know it as Grenache) and it may very well be the perfect red wine for all tastes. If you think you don’t like red wine, I know you have not tasted this wine. It is light, it is fresh, it is flavorful…in fact it EXPLODES with flavors of berries and herbs. Laid back and easy with pizza or burgers, or if you want to go with the flavors of the land, pair it up with Paella and be ready to have your eyeballs roll back into your head in ecstasy.

Magnum Wines, International Import Manager, Ashley Olbrys, recently gave a little bit of the history of the wine and her review of the wine here:

I was incredibly fortunate to join Ashley last May on a trip to Spain to take part in the blending of this particular wine. It’s one thing to drink and enjoy the wine, but you REALLY begin to appreciate the wines more when you discover what it takes to make that perfect wine. Ashley and I joined Wendy Vallaster of New Spain Wines and Winemaker Daniel Ramos to see what goes into the making of the Gaznata Joven. Fortunately, as you’ll see in my video below, they explain it so even a simple wine drinking Cowgirl such as myself can understand and appreciate the process.

This is Step One of the process of bringing the 2011 Gaznata Joven from the fermentation tanks to your glass at fireside. Enjoy!


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    Gaznata Joven is a hot commodity!


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