New Year’s Resolution: Happiness, Health…and More Wine

04 Dec

With the New Year fast approaching, many of us make the usual resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, relax more, and the list goes on and on. The real challenge is in finding the right solution to help you reach your goals.

The solution? Wine.

Yes, wine is the magical fix it all elixir. We know all know that red wine is heart healthy, but is there hope for the white wine lover, the romantic Rose sipper, and those that want to toast a better New Year with bubbly in their glass? YES! Here are a few examples of how wine can ‘magically’ transform you.

Can’t breathe after that vigorous jog around the block? Drink white wine to improve lung health.

Eyes crossed looking at your post-holiday bank statement? According to a study in Iceland, moderate wine consumers are 43% less likely to develop a cataract.

Who needs a gym membership? One study shows that drinking 4 to 5 ounces of wine at a major meal or bedtime caused twice as much weight loss compared to those who didn’t drink wine.

Since weight loss is at the top of the resolution chart, choose Rose as a low-cal option. Only 82 calories per 5 oz glass, heart healthy, it pairs well with nearly every type of food, and it just plain tastes good!

Love bubbly? Smart choice! Sparkling wines have been shown to protect the brain. It also will tighten the skin if you dab it gently on your face. Smart AND beautiful? Pour me a glass!

Will wine create the ‘perfect’ you? Perhaps, but it certainly can’t hurt. Especially when you consider how a glass of wine with family and friends has a way of melting away our worries and putting a smile on our face. Less stress; more relaxation…all by pouring a glass of wine. Now there’s a resolution worth keeping!



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